12. Mai 2020

What will mining be like after Bitcoin’s Halving?

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One of the most important events for the crypto community is just a few days away, being the Halving of Bitcoin. And, besides the price of Bitcoin after the Halving, the main question is: How will mining be, will there be any change?

Bitcoin Hash Rate Breaks New Record Before Halving
Halving de Bitcoin and its mining
Bitcoin (BTC), the crypt currency born from the 2008 Financial Crisis, is just days away from its third Halving. The BTC event involves halving the rewards per block from 12.5 to 6.25.

The event has an impact on two fundamental variables: the price of BTC Bitcoin Formula, Crypto Cash, Corona Millionaire, Bitcoin Compass, Crypto Genius and mining. In addition, it is important to note that these variables affect each other.

In particular, the price of Bitcoin is likely to determine the profitability or otherwise of many miners after Halving. What will happen?

Bitcoin mining cools off in China days before the HALVING

Natural selection
The imminent halving of the block rewards calls into question the profitability of many retail miners and therefore makes all eyes on the event in the face of expectation.

Therefore, Bitcoin’s Halving brings with it many changes in the crypto industry.