1. Mai 2023

Lynk Launches Node NFT Program to Redefine Community Governance

Von admin

• Lynk is introducing its Node NFT Program to foster the growth of a decentralized Web3 community.
• This initiative will empower early adopters and provide unique rewards and opportunities.
• The program includes 3 tiers of Node NFTs with varying CA points and AP, allowing holders to level up their NFTs for greater rewards.

Lynk Seeks to Redefine Community Governance with Node NFT Program

SocialFi platform Lynk is setting the stage for a new era in decentralized community governance with the introduction of its Node NFT Program. Aimed at empowering early adopters, this groundbreaking initiative is expected to facilitate the growth of a vibrant community in Web3, while showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

NFT Staking Function Enabled

In March, Lynk introduced its NFT staking function, allowing users to stake their NFTs to earn attractive rewards. Additionally, the decision to launch on the Arbitrum network has enabled faster transactions and lower fees for users.

Node NFT Program Overview

The Node NFT Program will provide advanced level Keeper NFTs to actively contributing members who are looking to get ahead faster. There are 3 tiers of Node NFTs that can be minted in Gen I: Common, Special, and Rare tiers; each offering holders different advantages in levelling up their NFTs for greater rewards and benefits. These Keeper NFTs will advance straight to Legendary rank and members will receive additional rewards as they help expand the Lynk community.

Introducing Something Different

By focusing on decentralization, ownership, and privacy, Lynk allows users to take control of their digital lives while leading the way for a more equitable and transparent decentralised ecosystem. The potential for expansion is immense – with plans to introduce additional generations of Node NFTs that may feature even more attractive rewards and benefits.

Commitment To Innovation & Inclusivity

Lynk’s Node NTF Program stands as a prime example of how Web3 values can be seamlessly integrated into daily interactions – providing advanced level Keeper NFTS that offer holders different advantages; all while ensuring that the platform remains dynamic, competitive & appealing for new users & existing members alike.