14. März 2023

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Adoption Draws IMF Attention: Risks Remain Unseen.

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• The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stated that the risks surrounding bitcoin use in El Salvador have not necessarily shown themselves yet but still warrants attention and transparency.
• El Salvador was the first nation to declare bitcoin legal tender, in September 2021, and required businesses to accept the digital asset for transactions alongside USD.
• The IMF is still concerned about El Salvador’s decision and predicts tokenized bonds based on bitcoin could come about in the coming months.

The IMF Plans to Watch El Salvador Closely

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has reported it’s necessary to stay aware of El Salvador despite current lack of risks associated with its usage of Bitcoin. Despite being one of the smallest nations in the world, El Salvador made headlines when it declared Bitcoin legal tender in September 2021, requiring businesses to accept digital currency as well as USD for transactions.

IMF Concerned About Risks Associated With BTC Usage

The IMF is worried about the implications of El Salvador’s decisions due to concerns regarding legal risks and speculative nature of cryptocurrency markets. Though nothing has happened yet, they are urging authorities to reconsider plans that involve government exposures to Bitcoin. In addition, tokenized bonds based on bitcoin may arise over the coming months given how strict usage laws have become within Central American state.

El Salvadors Relationship With IMF Strained

El Salvador and the IMF have had a strained relationship since last year when they begged Central American nation to give up its Bitcoin agenda. The World Bank even refused aid due to speculation that cryptocurrency can’t be taken seriously as a payment method. In spite of this, El Salvador has remained adamant on their stance which resulted in BTC prices reaching a new high at $68 000 per unit two months after legalisation before dropping back down again currently sitting at $21 000 per unit at time of writing.

Strict Monitoring Of BTC Habits From IMF Moving Forward

In light of all these events, the IMF announced they would keep a close watch on developing trends involving crypto assets within El Salvador moving forward and guarantee both attention and transparency are present throughout this process due to potential risks associated with such activities. They plan on monitoring any new habits that may emerge from this situation so steps can be taken if needed.


While no major issues have arisen from El Savlador’s decision thus far, it is clear that caution must be exercised moving forward by both parties involved with monitoring any changes or developments as using Bitcoin carries certain legal risks as well as speculation which requires careful management from all sides involved..