why rat gentoo in the beginning installing the target doing kernels audio related lightweight webserver finalization benchmark and testing
Why RAT gentoo ? RAT stands for Realtime And Tiny, and means in these pages you can find step by step informations about building and managing some realtime flavours of linux targeted for embedded systems based on Gentoo. This guide don't want to be complete, i only started this to learn and keep track of the problems i've found when i tried to build my embedded system starting from other howtos and guides you can find on the net.

This guide is for power users/developers. I take no responsibility if you execute some of these commands without thinking about them and you end hosing your system !
Original guides and manuals The starting points are these:
But i found to be a little harder to make all this work seamlessly.
Legend Here are some explanations of the guide:
Here there are bash/ash/sh commands
Here there are warning and errors you can encounter
Here there are contents of files in the systems
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