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32 voices polyphonic drum synthesizer

Drumsynth is a JUCEified port of the excellent Paul Kellet’s DrumSynth.


- Initial release !



6-band stereo para-graphic equalizer VST plugin for linux

EQinox EQ is a 6-band stereo para-graphic equalizer capable of shaping your sound or sculpt your vocals. It provides a low shelf, 4 peaking filters and a hi shelf: all filters have gain frequency and bandwidth controls.
This equalizer sounds very clean and crisp at high frequencies, and is good for give some more air to your tracks. It sounds good even in the low frequencies, but you have to be more careful on how you use the volume (unless you want to burn your studio reference monitors).


+ aligned to latest juce in svn repository
+ added juce_amalgamated instead of libjuce to improve build time (and to favour gcc optimizations)
+ added midi learn capability for parameters with reset (right click on the slider)
+ added standalone jack version
~ improved GUI drawing speed of the impulse response
~ improved internal class structure
~ decreased overall shared library size
~ fixed to work better with QTractor (latest cvs) and Renoise… i hope finally !



Sound Font 2 Player VST plugin for linux

SoundCrab is a complex and clean instrument for playing back your favourite sound font sample packs. It is fully polyphonic and is very light on CPU, even if we used high order interpolation in sample playback. It presents a lot of controls typically used on high end hardware synths: tone controls, amplifier / modulation envelopes, filter, panning.


+ aligned to latest juce in svn repository (1.45)
~ fixed a problem in preset restore with RENOISE
~ fixed problem of midi channels > 0 playing default sound
~ improved Vst class in library



TB-303 clone VST plugin for linux

Nekobee is a simple single-oscillator synth based on the Roland TB-303 initially developed by NekoSynth ( as a DSSI plugin. It features a revamped GUI made with Juce still under development.


- Initial release


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