multi technology (vst / ladspa / dssi) native host for linux

This is the first open source multi-technology (native vst, ladspa, dssi) host in linux. It will mainly host a chain of plugins per instance, publishing jack, alsa and alsa_seq ports in order to be connected in your main stream flow. it still have some very good features that makes it a first class host.

Jost is a native host, it won’t wrap your windows dlls !


- modular design with routable audio/midi flows
- audio routing to/from JACK and/or ALSA
- can sync to MIDI with the start/stop/continue events (i.e. from seq24)
- can load native VST, LADSPA, DSSI plugins
- support for GUI plugins
- mixer with one channel strip for each plugin and mute-bypass buttons
- audio meter plugin with peak, rms and octave spectrum
- midi sequencer with recording
- midi processors: monitor, filter, controller
- internal disk browser with bookmarks support
- session state load / save
- tweakable interface controls
- colour scheme support

Changelog / Downloads:

Development Version [2008-12-02] - 0.5.4 [source]
~ fixed a problem in compilation step

+ added midi learn for each slider in plugins (right click from internal editor)
+ added ability to select which midi CC is automating the slider directly from a menu
+ added midi CC for automation recorded with the session
+ main graph is bigger and inside a viewport so the currently modular area is bigger
+ added a viewport navigator for the main graph besides the browser
+ added colour selector for nodes in modular
+ added middle click navigation in the modular view
+ added a simple midi filter plugin (should be improved)
+ added a midi controller plugin (should be improved)
~ selecting and moving more than one object in the modular view is now possible
~ fixed a problem with locking of plugins in the modular area
~ plugins in modular view now are limited to the main area so you can’t drag off the component
~ changed plugin window handling (may rewrite this completely later on)
~ fixed a problem in plugin window menu (first window only responded to commands)
~ rewrote parameter manager update mechanism (no more memory allocations in realtime thread)
~ changed the slider in the plugin parameters window
~ fixed a problem when saving presets with midipads
~ tweaked to make it compile and run with gcc 4.3.2


Screenshot from 0.5.3

Screenshot from 0.4.2 showing the mixer

Screenshot from 0.4.0

Screenshot from 0.3.3 with sequencer running a ZR3 on scrubby

How to compile it:

First unzip your jost source package

        cd ~/
        tar -xvjf jost_src-v<?php echo $jost_version; ?>.tar.bz2

If you want to to add VST support you should need to get the steinberg vst sdk from their site,
then unpack it and copy the needed files into jost subdirectory

        rm -f vstsdk2.3.dmg vstsdk2.3.sit
        cp -a vstsdk2.3/source/* ~/jost-v<?php echo $jost_version; ?>/vst/source

Then enter jost directory and compile juce first and then jost itself

        cd jost-v<?php echo $jost_version; ?>/shared
        ./compile_libs Release
        ./compile_jost Release

Eventually you can copy your executable / shared library file into /usr/local/bin or VST_PATH by doing

        cp ../bin/jost /usr/local/bin
        cp ../bin/ /your/vst/path/

You will find complete informations in the compile.txt file inside the jost_src package !

How to run it:

        1. start qjackctl
        2. just do "jost" (empty session) or "jost ~/full_path_to/my_session.jxs"
        3. drag and drop a plugin onto the jost window
        4. connect i/o and plugins inside jost audio graph
        5. connect audio and midi ports from and to jost in qjackctl
        6. rock!

- JUCE is the Julian Storer’s gem
- LADSPA is brought to you by Richard Furse
- DSSI is another little piece of the linux audio cake
- VST is a Steinberg gmbh trademark
- JACK is a Paul Davis idea
- JACKLAB team !
- Various JUCE developers out there !

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