A little present

I’m a bit busy right now, i’m sorry if i can’t follow jost or plugins development cause of the lack of spare time. I had a lot of good ideas and plans for them in these months and i’m a bit late on my todo list. But it will worth the wait.

In the meanwhile, i’ve completed jost as vst, so in the next version it will be available to use it directly inside xt2 (or maybe Renoise ? Yeah we will see that cool advanced tracker for the first time on linux the days to come !). Then i’ve silently juceified nekobee, a good tb303 emulator originally development by nekosynth as a dssi plugin (i don’t know if people have problems with it, i’ve just adapted the code to be juce compliant).

On the other hands, here you can see TheDrumSynth:

It will be available soon, with a lot of other presents :D

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