In the memory of… Arguru

Cause i’ve speak with him some times on the #musicdsp (even if i’ve never met him personally), i decided to make him a gift. Arguru was a kind and funny guy, with a thicker-than-a-tank dsp passion. I hope HIS memory will remain forever in our Heart cause HE taught a lot of people how to do stuff well. And kicked the ass of big companies, doing the best sounding things i’ve ever use that can compare to bigger, fatter and expensive products…

Someone told me that discodsp is releasing HIS highlife sampler with a BSD license. And we need a GOOD sampler, i think Antonio will be glad to know he have done something that will be EXTREMELY useful to the community.

Things are approaching very well, even if it needs some refinements here and there, it is THOUSANDS lightyears more perfect than than many other little toys sold like gold that you can find on the net. I’ve got to decide if it’s worth including it as the default sampler for Jost.

Here is a s small shot:


Arguru this is for you.

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