Launched juced

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I launched Juced, a community driven trunk of Juce and Jucetice togheter, that mainly try to keep the base trunk up to date with bug fixes, and add new classes and things that generally couldn’t be included in the main Juce repository, also including Jost and the main Jucetice plugins out there.

If you like to contribute, improve classes, open or fix tickets, make plugins compile on other platforms feel free to register with googlecode and join the project !!


Stay away from the latest !

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My last kernels introduced a lot of latency and iowait times, slowing down responsiveness of the systems i have here. After some search i discovered not only this is already known, but is also a regression from the old 2.6.18 version of the kernel in which the new Completely Fair Scheduler was introduced. And from 2.6.18 till now, the situation has become even worse. Double worse.

My latest system with 2.6.28 makes my mouse and keyboard skip and freeze if i open a console and type find / > /dev/null. looking at top, i get a lot of iowait time in both my cores and the overall responsiveness of the system is compromised. Can’t even select another window ! Changed configuration, changed some parameters in /proc but the result is the same. Back to 2.6.18 everything perfectly (i can span 100 find / > /dev/null and still use my system for other purposes).

I don’t who is the responsible, the developers that introduced the bugs or the (same) developers that don’t take up the kernel bug and fix it (as noted by other people in the mailing list also).

And stay away from the latest kernel !


Midi automation and much more…

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Because a lot of people asked about it, i finally managed to throw in Jost the midi automation for plugins parameters, which mimics the one i have done for the jucetice plugins themselves and it still apply to vsts, ladspas and dssis inside the jost environment.

This version is full of interesting new features, like the ability to change colours for nodes, an increased modular area, a new viewport navigator and some new simple midi processors additions…

enjoy Jost version 0.5.4 !


Silent update

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While in the middle of a jucetice library reorganization now i’m quite finished with it, so i decided to take a break and arrange a new version of Jost, which is now leading to 0.5.0. It is not heavily tested as 0.4.6, and is to be considered as a new features release but it’s there with us.

Cheers !


here come the horns…

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Well, it’s not a proper release, but it’s stepping silently near us.


The most incredible, flexible, small, easy to use, easy to bring on stage, fast to tweak and play machine ever made on earth by man kind.

It loads VSTs, windows dll, linux natives ones and all from whatever platform you want to. Thanx to us @ Sound & Music - ProAudio, you can morph your favourite plugins into standalone gears top take with you on stage. It will be supporting Jucetice plugins on it, and i will work to make everything here available for it.

Your creativity is only limited by your imagination.


the drumsynth !

Time to release. I’ll be of few words, i generally prefer makes the plugins speak for myself. Anyway one of the most exciting features, which will be shared among all other jucetice plugins (they will be updated very shorter) is the ability to automate each parameter with a midi CC from the midi learn function in the main gui (easy and effective !).

Last night i was playing with the DrumSynth stretch and tune features and my UC-16 midi control to produce a lot of cool realtime effects with a simple 909 kickdrum. And they responds very quick !
Probably i’ll make a video or a simple song explaining it.

Thanx again to Paul Kellet and his wonderful plugins !!


mda plugins go opensource

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Today i was hanging around some old sites i usually browse once every month and i discovered a pretty obscure post that suddenly attracted my attention… Was saying “well, another source code request for mda” then i saw that Paul is really opening his plugins to the public ! Look here

There is a sourceforge project here up and running !


Australia: i’m coming !

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I hope some good thing will begun in the audio area !


jost got some dssi fixes

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In the last days i’ve been debugging jost a lot, especially on those dangerous sgmentation fault using certain dssi plugins. Also i’ve spot that the previously working jack wrapper was somehow not working correctly. It should better now, and you can use the good whysynth ! I’ve started to implement dssi-gui support, but it will take some time to make it run…

Ah, another new feature is the ability to connect to a 64bit jack server with jost compiled in 32bit. The idea goes to drumfix (with his wineasio-x) and i’ve taken the same code and adapted to run with jost: you will have a jostbridge process that do the bridging between jost32 and jack64 !

enjoy version 0.4.5 !


A new jost development release

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I’ve finally released a new version of jost. It is highly untested and so i could have introduced some splat-o-bugz. I have not a lot of time like before so you should make a heavy testing session. I’ll thanx you for that !

I’m working hard to make every jucetice plugin compatible with Renoise linux (yes! it’s out!) but it seems harder than what i thought: especially when it shows segmentation faults not present in jost or eXT2 with the use of the same jucetice plugins. anyway here is a bad quality video.

In the meanwhile you can test the vst version of jost in eXT2. but be careful that could be dangerous !!!


A little present

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I’m a bit busy right now, i’m sorry if i can’t follow jost or plugins development cause of the lack of spare time. I had a lot of good ideas and plans for them in these months and i’m a bit late on my todo list. But it will worth the wait.

In the meanwhile, i’ve completed jost as vst, so in the next version it will be available to use it directly inside xt2 (or maybe Renoise ? Yeah we will see that cool advanced tracker for the first time on linux the days to come !). Then i’ve silently juceified nekobee, a good tb303 emulator originally development by nekosynth as a dssi plugin (i don’t know if people have problems with it, i’ve just adapted the code to be juce compliant).

On the other hands, here you can see TheDrumSynth:

It will be available soon, with a lot of other presents :D


happy xmas !

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…look under the pine, there is a good thing to try !!



In the memory of… Arguru

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Cause i’ve speak with him some times on the #musicdsp (even if i’ve never met him personally), i decided to make him a gift. Arguru was a kind and funny guy, with a thicker-than-a-tank dsp passion. I hope HIS memory will remain forever in our Heart cause HE taught a lot of people how to do stuff well. And kicked the ass of big companies, doing the best sounding things i’ve ever use that can compare to bigger, fatter and expensive products…

Someone told me that discodsp is releasing HIS highlife sampler with a BSD license. And we need a GOOD sampler, i think Antonio will be glad to know he have done something that will be EXTREMELY useful to the community.

Things are approaching very well, even if it needs some refinements here and there, it is THOUSANDS lightyears more perfect than than many other little toys sold like gold that you can find on the net. I’ve got to decide if it’s worth including it as the default sampler for Jost.

Here is a s small shot:


Arguru this is for you.


Juceified tracheotomy

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Rock Hardbuns have released a new synth. And as always, he have made it with juce and released the sourcecode… so why not spent some minutes to make it run under Jost ?

(thanx Rock again !)


Jost is back again !

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Nothing too fancy and not too many new features in this new version, but i’ve been improving things in the mixing engine, organizing the popup menus and fixing some problems here and there.
I’m sorry if i’ve decrease the time i’m working on this, and the frequency of the new releases, but i’m currently very very busy with my job, and it will be like this until december.

Anyway i’ll try to do as much as i can for the future versions… i promise !


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